soapUI 5.6

Tests the functionality of OAP and REST APIs

Test service-oriented architectures and REST-based web services in the automated utility that creates a workspace for managing OAP, REST, HTTP, AMF, JDBC and JMS projects. Functional tests, load tests, and service simulations are available. It is compatible with such services as Perl, PHP, J2EE, and NET.

soapUI is a powerful application that you can use when you are in need of a tool for software testing. The full source code can be accessed by anyone, given the fact that it is a free product. It comes in handy when the users have to create and execute compliance, regression, and load tests.

The testing tool allows the users to quickly access its features and it provides supports for the standard technologies and protocols. soapUI comes with a built-in forum search tab that proves to be very useful for users who need to find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as solutions for common issues. In addition to this, users are also able to access a memory log tab, which keeps track of the memory usage by various applications.

soapUI is built entirely on the Java platform and uses Java Swing as the GUI, which means that it supported by all the popular operating systems. Also, the application offers users the opportunity to select from various reporting tools, such as: Printable reports, HTML reports, as well as Data Export, depending on their needs.
All in all, you should give soapUI a try; it has a user-friendly interface, offers great support and it has proven to be a powerful tool, as a testing program for service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Dave Hattey
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  • Menu offers quick access to all of its features
  • Wide support for operating systems
  • Built-in "search forum" option


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